Why we decided to leave and travel

Like most people, we have lots of commitments, big responsibilities, careers and busy lives. We also have fears, challenges, hopes and dreams.


For a while now, we’ve wanted to leave everything behind and travel for a year. But another year of unattained goals goes by, and excuses are made.


I’m too busy. We don’t have the money. Let’s consider it next year.


Does this sound familiar?


My Catalyst


If we were ever going to fulfill our travel dreams, we needed a major catalyst to completely shift our view of what was possible. And we got one: A sign so powerful we couldn’t ignore it.


For me (Dorene), the catalyst was the loss of my job, a career I identified with completely. I was devastated, but the loss became a major blessing. It forced me to stop, look at where my life was going and decide what was next.


After interviewing with several companies, it became very clear to me that my career goals had changed. What I had been doing up until now was no longer of interest or importance to me. If I took another job along the same path, I’d end up walking into the same pressure cooker I was in before. That meant hard work, long hours and no time to pursue what I love or what’s important to me.


My Inspiration


Following the loss of my job, I also found inspiration. I was inspired by others who were out there achieving their dreams, even when the odds were against it.


My dear cousin, in particularly, was my biggest inspiration. He’s like a brother to me. He had cancer three times and met the girl of his dreams during his second round of illness. Despite years of chemotherapy, he had two beautiful twin boys. His perseverance and positive attitude continue to amaze me and always remind me of how precious our lives are.


Our Fears & Excuses


I’d lost my job and was inspired to achieve my dreams. But Troy and I still had all kinds of excuses not to travel!


What if we run out of money? What if we get sick? What if a family member gets sick, and we’re not there? What if we get robbed? Can we get jobs if we’re travelling and we need money?


Any of these things could have stopped us, but we decided not to let them. Why?


An amazing thing happened. We set our minds on travelling for a year, and all of a sudden, we started meeting people who were living our dream or who could help us realize that dream! The universe has a way of giving back.


When you’re passionate about an idea, and commit to it and share it with others, it’s amazing how you find people and resources to help you realize that dream! Of course, it took some work on our parts. We joined meet-up groups of people following their passions, and they connected us with others. We read blogs and viewed videos online of people doing what we want to do! All of this gave us the motivation and fuel we needed to commit to our dream.


There was something else, though. The #1 thing that helped us make the decision to leave and travel for a year was the 100% mental and emotional shift within us! The calling became too powerful to ignore, and we had to take action. We’re now completely confident in our decision. We’ve seen others who have done it, so why can’t we? If I once worked so hard at a job I hated, imagine what I could do while pursuing somethingI love?


Excuses and obstacles that were once in our way no longer matter! We know that the right planning and preparation can make this happen.


Our fears are still there, but the shift inside us is creating purpose and action.